Emergency Plumber Gloucester

Emergency Plumbing Gloucester

I need an emergency plumber in Gloucester today!

Water Leaks

Gas Leaks


When things go wrong and you need an emergency plumber, HPR Services are on call and ready to help, offering a wide range of emergency services to make sure whatever has gone wrong, can be fixed quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Local Emergency Plumber Gloucester

If you’re looking for an emergency plumber in Gloucester, we take care of a range of emergencies, from water leaks through to gas leaks, with drainage services also provided.

Here In An Emergency

We provide emergency plumbing services in Gloucester to ensure a speedy service to respond to not only Gloucester water leaks, gas leaks or drainage emergencies, but also Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and the Cotswolds. We pride ourselves on our team of experienced professional engineers being able to resolve your issue promptly and efficiently.

We know that when you need us, we need to be there, which is why If you need an emergency Plumber Gloucester just give us a call on 01452 379 807 and speak to our emergency department today.

Water Leaks

From a leak under the bath that you have just noticed that is causing damage to your property, to a full-blown burst pipe, our Gloucester emergency plumbing service will take care of many plumbing emergencies, and can stop a problem becoming a disaster.

All our fully trained, highly experienced, registered and qualified plumbing engineers carry a massive selection of spare parts, allowing us to fix the majority of problems on our first visit. But, we will always be able to stop the emergency and then book in a time to come back and replace any items if we do not have the parts available at that time.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are of course a worry, and should never be ignored, so if you do smell gas or know you have a gas leak, call us today and one of our qualified, registered and extremely experienced engineers will put things right. From gas leaks admitting from your boiler through to major leaks that present immediate danger, any gas leak really does need to be investigated quickly.

If you have a gas leak that requires immediate attention, contact HPR Services immediately, as when it comes to a gas leak, this really is an emergency that requires attention and fixing, as the consequences of not doing so really could be deadly.

Drainage / Blocked Pipes

Blocked drains and drainage issues can cause major problems, and whereas most are just a massive inconvenience, there are also potential health issues that can result from drainage problems as well. Blocked toilets, sinks and any major pipes are something our engineers can fix once they have identified the problem.

Emergency Plumbers Gloucester

On hand to fix to your blocked pipes or drainage issues, there is no need to leave that toilet that just wont flush or put up with a build up of waste any longer, just one call to our Gloucester head office will get one of our teams on route to your property to not only fix the issue, but offer prevention solutions going forward.

Qualified And Insured Company

We know trust is an important factor when you need the right people, which is why all of our engineers are either Gas Safe or OFTEC registered, or both, depending on the emergency engineer required, which is why our Gloucestershire team are the right people for your emergency.