Underfloor heating is becoming a popular product that many people have installed in their homes. It is now even more revolutionary with the Heatmsier Neo Stats technology.

This type of technology makes it possible for you to link your Neo systems to your smart phone so that you can control it from anywhere in the world. This way you will always have your thumb on the organisation of your home, even if you need to step out for a few days. Here are a few more points that you can look forward to when purchasing the Heatmiser for your home.

The Ultimate in Heating Comfort

The new technology found in the Heatmiser has been specifically designed for optimum convenience and comfort. It combines the progressions made in the digital spheres in order to bring you an easy, comfortable heating solution.

Sleek Design

The sleek design fits perfectly into any home and blends in perfectly with the interior design of your house. It is rid of the bulky look that traditional thermostats have to eliminate the eye-sore effect it portrays inside. This modern look is guaranteed to make any room look a bit more sophisticated.

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    Saves Room

    The Heatmiser thermostat is extremely popular especially because of its size. It has the capacity to save room as no radiator is required. This means that you will not have to dedicate an entire part of the room for a too-big radiator and you can say goodbye to the cover ups you usually use with it.

    Can Run Off Lower Heat Input

    As a company that is one of the leaders in heat control in your home, you can look forward to saving on your utility bill at the end of the month. This solution makes it possible for you to heat your home without a high heat input and still get a desirable output.

    Ideal For Eco Houses With Air Source

    Along with the eco-friendly nature of its design, this solution works perfectly in eco-homes where there is an air source. It does not conflict with the filters or the source in any way and is perfectly safe.

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    Can Be Controlled From a Mobile Phone

    One of the most amazing features of this product is the fact that it can be controlled from the comfort of your fingertips. Simply download an app that lets you control the heat before you even step inside your house.

    Can Be Installed In Any Level Of Your Home

    Unlike traditional or standard methods of underfloor heating systems, you can have this installed on any level of your home. Whether you want heat on the ground floor or on the 7th floor, it is possible and makes it perfect for people who live in apartments.

    Heatmiser underfloor heating controls

    Heating Controls

    Control the temperature of your underfloor heating easily with Heatmiser.

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