Domestic Ground Source Heat Pumps Gloucestershire

As part of the renewable energy solutions HPR Services Ltd are proud to offer our Ground Source Heat Pumps offer a cost effective, energy saving and bill reducing solution to heating your home, from your hot water through to your underfloor heating, a ground source heat pump really can heat your whole home, no matter how big or tall.

A well installed ground source heat pump is an incredibly effective, and cost efficient, heating solution. It also helps reduce emissions when compared to a traditional gas powered boiler and heating system. As green energy goes, ground source heat pumps are very much as green as they come.

Whilst ground source heat pumps are particularly recommended for new build properties as they can be installed at the time of build, even if you have a traditional property that has been standing for many years, you can still benefit from a ground source heat pump, although installation can be a little more disruptive than other heating systems, such as air source heat pumps or solar panels.

As the name would suggest, a ground source heat pump sits in the ground of your property and works by using a ground heat exchange loop to take the heat that the ground naturally maintains from the sun and uses it to heat your home.  It basically pumps heat from the ground into your home, as even during winter the ground usually remains at a temperature of around 10°C making your ground source heat pump the perfect all year-round heating solutions.

Another core advantage of a ground source heat pump is undoubtedly the running costs, as a well-designed ground source heat pump system will generally offer a far lower running cost of any other comparable solution, with energy and fuel savings costs of 30% to 70% potentially achievable.

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    The key benefits you can enjoy from a ground source heat pump:

    • Far lower energy bills
    • Space saving solution
    • Both heating and hot water supplied
    • A very green energy solution
    • Constant energy provision
    • Potential RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) Government Payments

    About the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

    The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a UK Government scheme set up to encourage uptake of renewable heat technologies amongst householders, encouraging home owners (domestic properties) to remove the use of Gas based heating systems in their home. Any cash payments are paid quarterly and last over 7 years, so the potential to not only cover the costs of the installation and make huge savings on your fuel bills really is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

    We are one of the leading installers in Gloucestershire, and we also provide a service and repair option for customers who are already using an ground source heat pump on their property, so whether you need a new installation, a yearly service or your old system is in desperate need of a repair, we can help you.