Water Softener systems can provide fantastic water solutions for your home, whether it be a floor standing water softener to a simple filtration tap.

Hard water can be a problem for many properties in Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas, which can cause a range of issues if you do have hard water. The most common problems that hard water can cause are listed below, but generally, soft water is always much better for your home systems and appliances, and it causes the least limescale build up.


  • Taps and showers to get clogged up
  • Appliances to break down
  • Reduces the efficiency of your boiler and heating system
  • Costly repair bills

Put simply, limescale can lead to your heating system being less efficient, your appliances to break down, more time spent cleaning your home and increased costs, which is why our water softener installation service is proving so popular across the county.


Soft water offers a huge range of benefits, ranging from health benefits through to making your kettle last longer, but if your property suffers from hard water then the installation of a water softener really can have a big impact for you and your family.

  • More and more eczema sufferers are discovering the benefit as part of their overall skin care routine.
  • Maintain the optimum flow in your water pipes.
  • Extend the life of your water using appliances.
  • Save up to 12% on your energy bill with more efficient water using appliances.
  • Keep your sink and worktops free from water marks.

Our water softener systems help to remove the calcium and magnesium from the water, the two elements that come together to cause hard water and the limescale, the chalky, white build up that you might see in your kettle or around the edge of your taps if your property suffers from hard water.

As the water enters into your home, it passes through our water softener installation and solution, removing these two elements and therefore leaving you with much softer water, something that both your body and home appliances will be happy with.

We are the experts in Gloucestershire when it comes to the supply and installation of water softeners for your home or business, having fitted hundreds over the past few years and of all sizes, as no matter what you need, the HPR Services team can make sure your needs and requirements are not just met, but exceeded.